We consult in number of regions, across several industries
including construction, energy, and hospitality.

Multinational Corporations

Private Equity Firms

Mid-size Companies


Nonprofit Organizations

Highly customized approach




For every project, we look at the organization
from a CEO’s perspective.

We ask the right question and deep-dive into numbers to find solutions. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized. We help our clients decide where they want to go and give them the roadmap on how to get there.

BRN Consulting and Investment makes sure those decisions get translated into actionable items and that the client’s team can sustain the momentum into the future.

The BRN Approach to
your project.

Projects are always a balance between quality, scope, timeline and budget. The BRN approach is centered around agility, efficiency, and immediate business impact. We optimize these three dimensions to ensure success on any project.

We have a pragmatic view in the use of our methodologies, and our aim is always to keep the timescales down while meeting the overall objectives of the project.

BRN Consulting and Investment

We are a boutique consulting and investment firm that specializes in strategy consulting and deal advisory. Our network expands from North American to Africa; from Europe to Asia. We work with our clients to envision, develop and execute dynamic business strategies that drive expansion and profitability. BRN helps companies connect strategy with execution.

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